Yang Zhou

Ph.D. student @ Harvard University.

SEC 4.429, 150 Western Ave, Allston, MA 02134

yangzhou{at}g.harvard.edu OR yanggepkuer15{at}gmail.com (Hangouts)


yang zhou

I am a fifth-year Ph.D. student @ Harvard University, advised by Prof. Minlan Yu and Prof. James Mickens. I am broadly interested in networked systems. In particular, my work focuses on kernel customizations via eBPF, distributed runtime systems, remote memory, smart NIC security, and network telemetry. My research is supported by a Google PhD Fellowship in System and Networking. I received the M.S. in Computer Science @ Harvard University in 2021. I received the B.S. in Computer Science @ Peking University in 2018, advised by Prof. Tong Yang, where I researched data stream (or one-pass randomized) algorithms. Google Scholar, CV




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  1. Pyramid Family: Generic Frameworks for Accurate and Fast Flow Size Measurement Yuanpeng Li, Xiang Yu, Yilong Yang, Yang Zhou, Tong Yang, Zhuo Ma, Shigang Chen. IEEE/ACM Trasactions on Networking (TON) 2021.


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*: co-primary authors

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